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Monday, February 1, 2010


Sometimes it is easy for authors to forget that selling books is not just about writing good stories (although that is a pretty good starting point). Lots of other people with different, but complimentary, talents must be employed in order to get the book off of the shelf and into the hands of readers.

One of the most important, and equally creative, is the cover jacket design. Jacket design is one of those nuanced things that hold incredible sway over whether a reader will show interest in a book or not. Think about it. In order for a book to get from the store to your shelf you must first see the cover and decide whether the book looks interesting or not from the design. What do the font and graphics tell you about style and genre? Is the author's name prominently displayed, signifying that this is someone you should have heard of, even if you haven't? These are some of the myriad ways design influences your decision to buy...and none of them have a thing to do with the author's work.

Blogger PK understands this and has been compiling interesting and evocative CD and Book designs on his blog BibliOdyssey. Each entry is given a short description but for the most part PK lets the design speak for itself. And more often than not the design is gorgeous in its own right, divorced from context.

You can visit the blog by clicking here.
Or you can purchse PK's book based on the BibliOdyssey concept here.