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Friday, January 22, 2010

The end of an era

File this post under "bizarre literary arcanum". Apparently some dude dressed in black has been coming to Edgar Allan Poe's gravesite in Baltimore every year since 1949 on Poe's birthday and toasting the dead author with a shot of Cognac. If that isn't weird enough, the "Poe Toaster" has started generating crowds of 30+ in recent years who wait all night to see the strange rite. This year was no different...except, ole' PT didn't show, and now the crowd is ticked off.

You can read about the Poe Toaster here.


Mister Booze said...

The Poe toaster drank Martell. Maybe I should buy some Martell to toast the demise of the Poe toaster?

The Crow said...

You should do a review of Martell once you've tried it.