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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to school

So, I meant to chat a bit about this on Tuesday but the internets' been cray cray lately so I'm shoehorning it in here, right before this next post*. I started grad school on Monday** and it was strange to me that, even at 29 yrs old, I felt like I was four all over again***. I was nervous and excited and afraid to look like an idiot. I found this sort of funny*^ since this feeling of perilous inadequacy was something that I thought I had done a pretty good job of squashing over these last few years, but then as soon as I step on campus BAM! it's back.

But this time around I'm more focused, more clear-headed about my purpose, and, of course, not concerned with fashion or being cool**^, so as I embark on this next grand adventure I will keep y'all updated and let you know what horrors I encounter along my journey into the stiff, wicked heart of academia.

*Which, conveniently, is about a similar topic.
**I am working on my MA in History from Georgia State University. Not sure what I want to write my thesis about, but the smallest speck of an idea has begun to germinate in the back of my head. A grandiose idea that, when completed, will not only earn me the respect and accolades of my colleagues, but also probably the Pulitzer and a spot on Oprah's Book of the Month Club. Not bragging, just stating the troof, y'all.
***True story. I started kindergarten when I was four years old and due to some terrible convolution of the Gods I was placed in a classroom with all girls. So, not only was I six months-to-a-year younger than everyone else in my class, but I was surrounded by nothing but chicas...and I was also really realy shy. Somewhere along the line in those first four years of life I'd missed the step where one learns to speak to members of the opposite sex so being in that classroom was like standing in a room full of mirrors and being horribly disfigured. Everywhere I turned, literally, there was a refelction of this embarrassing deficiency of mine. So, in response to all the freewheeling Estrogen, and filled to the brim with an overwhelming desire to do something, anything that wouldn't require me to actually talk to one of these girls, I proceeded to grab all the chairs in the room and stack them one on top the other in a single towering spire of plastic, primary-colored elementary school chairs. I'm not sure why I thought this was a good idea--perhaps I felt that building something would show how masculine I was--but it had the ironic effect of eliminating the very situation I was so desperate to avoid: after the tower, I really didn't have to worry about anyone talking to me anymore. At any rate, I did slightly better this go 'round; I didn't talk to anyone, but at least I left the desks where they were.
*^Funny, as in mortifying and horrible in a toilet-paper-on-your-shoe-upon-exiting-a-public-bathroom kind of way.
**^Let's be real here, to undergrads grad students aren't cool anyway, so why try?


Mister Booze said...

Congrats man. Mr Booze tried to get into law school and failed. I could have told people "as you attorney I advise you to take this shot". Alas, my jokes shall be unfulfilled.

The Crow said...

You can still say that and without your law degree it makes the comment that much more clever and bizarre.

patrick said...

Good news. I look forward to chatting about the thesis as it takes shape.

And the kindergarten thing explains a lot.

The Crow said...

It's very ambitious and I'm not sure how the History establishment likes a bit of embellishment in research theses, but I think the project could be a stellar work of both academic study, and also storytelling.