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Monday, December 7, 2009

Writer Spotlight: Misopogon

Misopogon hails from the desolation that is Detroit, MI and yet his writing contains none of the fatalism that usually accompanies writers from that region of the country. On the contrary Misopogon's writing is optimistic, open, and sincere to a point that almost seems like a throwback to a far-gone time when writers were more interested in telling stories than being hip. In short, Misopgon's writing is refreshing.

I have known Misopogon for nearly a decade, ever since our time together at University of Michigan and since those earliest days he has been the consummate journalist, studying the world around him and honestly reporting what he sees. As of late his writing has focused particularly on the world of sports and most of the time he can be found at the extremely popular Michigan sports blog MGoBlog where he has carved out a niche with his incisive wit and total lack of pretense. Even while running intellectual circles around the reader, his distinctive voice always remains approachable and friendly. In the world of sports journalism that is saying something indeed.

For an exhaustive list of his musing on MGoBlog click here.

And here is one of his short stories, which is, as of late, unpublished:

"The Sweetest Sound" - A hard-working father receives a surprise text from his teenage daughter, which changes both of their lives. Written largely as text message between the father and daughter, "The Sweetest Sound" is both believable and extraordinarily touching.