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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Care to join me for a Shelfari?

I was recently turned onto a totally awesome website for book readers*. It's called Shelfari and it is totally free and easy to join. Once you're signed up you can catalog just about every book you've ever read, tell when you read it, what you thought of it, and network with other book readers who share your tastes. Plus every book has its own site, which is open for members to post their favorite lines, parts, and various arcanum. Basically the site is the ultimate in Book Nerddom. Finally the Readers get their due.

To check out the site click here.

You can visit my personal page on Shelfari here**. Sign up and become my friend. I don't bite.

*Thanks very much due to my lovely wife.
**I haven't even scratched the tip of the iceberg w/r/t logging all the books I've read, but I've got my All-Time Favs (House of Leaves, Infinite Jest, Lord of the Rings, Stephen King's It), Hemingway, and Stephen King in there for starters.


Kb_Mal said...

I'm on Good Reads, but not Shelfari. Wanna be friends?

The Crow said...

What's Good Reads? I haven't heard of it.