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Monday, November 16, 2009

Writer Spotlight: Elliot Krop

From time to time I will highlight an author whose work I particularly enjoy, and this week I want to draw your attention to a wonderful Atlanta writer named Elliot Krop. He comes to the Dirrty by way of Chicago where he lived for several years honing his special brand of wit and ole' fashioned storytelling. By day he is a Math professor, by night he is a mad genius of wordsmithery, crafting short stories that are heady mixtures of surrealism, impressionism, and postmodern mash-ups.

Over the last year he has had several stories published in reputable on-line markets, and I can honestly say these stories are phenomenal. There are links to three of them below.

"Uncle Doubt" - A young teacher opens his front door to a long-lost family member only to find he's opened his life to far more than that. Originally published in Prick of the Spindle in June, 2008.

"Rat Dance" - Set in the slums of Chicago where races and lives and ideas can sometimes smash violently into one another, "Rat Dance" tells the story of a young soldier with a hidden past, who strikes up a powerful relationship with his blind roommate. Originally published in Joyland in November, 2009

"Dirge For a Moment's Loss" - An impressionistic beat poem that tells the story of a love's blossoming and ending. Passionately written and filled with subtle heartbreak, this story is a gorgeous eulogy to a lost love. Orginally published in Underground Voices in June, 2008.