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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Picks of the Week

Week Eleven

Sheesh! After two good weeks of picks, I got blasted this week. I went 3 for 8, to drop my total to 43 for 73, or 60%. Sad face, sad face, but how was I supposed to know that nearly every good team was going to get upset this weekend?

This coming week only has a couple of games that matter since the SEC, Big 12, and ACC are at least partially decided, and there is little that’s happening in those conferences this weekend. In the SEC it will be a Florida/Alabama rematch for the title; in the Big 12 Texas will be facing either Kansas St. or Nebraska in the championship; and in the ACC, incredibly, it looks like Clemson has gone a good length toward solidifying an Atlantic Division slot against Georgia Tech.

No. 25 West Virginia at No. 5 Cincinnati
While it still looks like Cinci and Pitt are destined for a showdown for the Big East title, Cincinnati can’t get caught looking passed the Mountaineers this weekend or else this could be a three-way tie between West Virginia, Pitt, and Cinci.I don’t know if Pike will be starting for the Bearcats but I think they will still be able to handle a sputtering WVU at home.
Cincinnati 28 West Virginia 17

Michigan at No. 20 Wisconsin
This game only matters to Michigan. Wisconsin has already gotten into a bowl game and there is no way they can win the Big Ten, but for Michigan this is the last seemingly “winnable”* game before they head into the gut punch that will be the Ohio State game. If Michigan is going to salvage this season in anyway it has to happen this weekend. While I really don’t think that the Michigan team that’s been playing the last few weeks has any chance of beating the Badgers in Madison I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the team that showed up against Iowa and Notre Dame is going to be on the field on Saturday.
Michigan 35 Wisconsin 33

No. 10 Iowa at No. 11 Ohio State
Well, this game is basically the Big Ten Championship game since both of these teams have wins over the only other two contenders, Wisconsin and Penn State. Iowa lost last week to Northwestern and lost their starting QB, while Ohio State is definitely on the upswing. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Buckeyes will be cruising into their 6th Big Ten Championship…unless of course a certain underdog Wolverine team can somehow bite them next weekend.
Ohio State 24 Iowa 10

Auburn at Georgia
This game matters to no one outside of Alabama and Georgia but it is a rivalry game and almost every season it is a hard fought game. I think the Bulldogs are better and will use the home field advantage to good effect.
Georgia 28 Auburn 17

No. 16 Utah at No. 4 TCU
This is really the biggest game of the weekend since it has both conference and BCS ramifications. A win for Utah means they win the Mountain West and will probably get a boost into the Top Ten, but a win for TCU means that they are assured a BCS slot and possibly a shot at the National Championship if something terrible happens to Texas, Florida, or Alabama. I think that TCU is playing really good right now and the way they dismantled BYU a few weeks ago suggests they might be the real deal.
TCU 21 Utah 17

*And honestly even this game isn't winnable the way Michigan's been playing the last five weeks. But the talent is there to beat the Badgers and I am hoping against hope that the talent will show and the defense will hold.