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Friday, November 6, 2009

Noble Three wins songwriting prize

In August my on again/off again musical project*, Noble Three, had the good fortune** of winning the Indie Rock category on for our song, "Shipwrecked", a song which was penned by Yours Truly. For our winnings we received a $100 gift card for Amazon and a good, healthy clap on the back. This makes my total earnings in the Music Industry somewhere around $400 over 10 years, or $40/year. Not quite enough to raise a family on, but still a heck of a lot better than nothing, right?

It's curious to me that Noble Three, which was really only ever a small (if inspired) side-project for my Greenland compatriot, Patrick, and me, has somehow yielded far more promising results than any other group I've ever been a part of. As of this date Noble Three has been featured on NPR twice, in an as-yet-unreleased-but-soon-to-be-Indie-smash movie, Sneakers and Soul, and has won this award as well as the interest of several companies who place songs in ads and TV shows.

Strange the way these things go.

*A lot more off again since I moved to Atlanta and Patrick stayed in Nashville. But since we are/were primarily a studio group it wouldn't take very much to start releasing some new music.
**By fortune, I mean an uncanny amount of luck for a group that hasn't played a show or released any new music in almost a year. The internet is a strange and wonderful thing the way ideas and images and music can profligate to the most amazingly unintended places.