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Thursday, November 5, 2009

National Novel Writing Month

While I personally have no intention of participating in this, I still find it amazingly awesome that there is such a thing as National Novel Writing Month. I currently have waaaay too much on my plate writing-wise to think about starting and completing a novel in one month, but anything that calls attention to the difficulties inherent in committing 70K+ words to the page is supercool in my book. Having written one novel already* I am well aware of the monumental achievement writing one is, even if it's bad. My hat's off to anyone who participates and finishes a novel this month.

Here I am sending you Sparkle-Novel-Writing-Fingers ~~~~~~~>

*I wrote the first in a series of three novels over the last three years (about 100K words), then revised (i.e. rewrote) it, then scrapped it, deciding that I am simply not experienced enough, life-wise, to write the book properly (I may post a few chapters for y'all to peruse at some future date). Currently I have about 5 short stories in various stages of unfinishedness, a commissioned project for the venerable Prattle On, Rick, as well as two novellas and a new novel that is just beginning to gestate in the chambers of my mind.