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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hammy the Porcupine Saves the Day!

This is a children's book I wrote about a year ago. I can't explain exactly where it came from, but I just woke up one morning and the entire story had just sort of fallen into my head. So I wrote it down and that's where it sat for a few months until my friend, Patrick's*, wife Erin** offered to do some illustrations for it. What she came up with was so inspiring and gorgeous that I decided I had to send this to some publishers to get their feedback.

As of right now none of them have bitten on the story, but I will resume sending it out again shortly, so I will let you all know how it turns out.

Hammy the Porcupine Saves the Day! tells the story of lonely Hammy the Porcupine living in the Wide Wood. He has no friends so one day he decides to venture out and find some, but what he discovers in the end is far more important than even friendship.

For a PDF file of the story with illustrations click here.

*Patrick Rickelton of Greenland, Noble Three, and Prattle On, Rick. fame.
**She is an incredible artist. She did the illustrations for Hammy the Porcupine in water color. I love especially her characterization of Fergie the Frog, Moppy the Muskrat, and Hammy himself.


Kb_Mal said...

What a cute little book. You should see about self publishing it (or your collection of short stories). I attended a seminar on how to get published [affordably] at Emory — let me know if you want me to dig out my notes. The guest lecturer (Tom Bird) had some great insight.

The Crow said...

I've definitely thought about it before, but it wasn't until this year's Decatur Book Festival that I started to seriously consider it (both publishing Hammy and a short story collection). I think it would be fun to go around to the different book fests in the Southeast and talk about my writing and my life outside of writing and all that jazz.

I'm really happy you like the book. I thought it was a trifle until Erin made those incredible paintings. I just think they're so enchanting and adorable.