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Friday, November 13, 2009

Duotrope: The Greatest Writing Resource Ever!

The other day a writing friend of mine sent me the link to, which is an online database of just about every online and print magazine, publisher, agent, etc. After only a few days of messing with it, let me tell you, this is the most incredible thing I've come across as long as I've been professionally writing. Signing up is free and once you have your profile set up you can save searches, upload your writing, create ignore/best lists, and track where you've sent your stories and whether they were accepted or not. I have spent hours upon hours updating Xcel spreadsheets with all the information that Duotrope has now put at my fingertips.

So, for all you aspiring writers out there, go to for the only submission database you will ever need. Seriously.

To visit click here.


OC said...

oh duotrope...thank you for being yet another time goblin! :)

The Crow said...

Umm, it could be worse...I could be a hunter and insist that one or two weeks a year I'm just going to disappear with no cellular connection into the Michigan wilderness and drink beer and shoot things.