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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekly Top Five

Scary Movie Edition!

4. Aliens
Directed by James Cameron
Starring Sigourney Weaver

When I was about eight years old I stayed up without my parents realizing it and watched Aliens on VHS. Without a doubt this movie scared the crap out of me. From the harrowing claustrophobia of the sets to the drab cinematography the whole thing just got under my skin in a way I never would have been able to articulate at that age. And by the end when that robot guy gets spliced in half by the mother alien and acid spews out of his chest like blood, I was too terrified to turn the TV off and go to sleep. I stayed up half the night with horrible nightmares of aliens chasing me through mechanical tunnels and stinging me with their tails.

I’ve seen the movie since then and while it still is a cinematic masterpiece, nothing can quite match that first time when childish misunderstanding and scary movies meet to create a boogeyman so vivid that one can almost reach out and touch it. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Thank you James Cameron, I mean it.

5. Pumpkinhead
4. Aliens