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Friday, October 23, 2009

On the Plains of Marathon

Week Seven
Goal: Run 24 miles with one 9 mile jog
Actual Miles Run: 15

Endnotes: Well, when you have an epic failure of a week like this one you have to simply look at the bright side, try to find successes no matter how small and just move forward. In this case I can find two particular spots of success that I can hang my hat on. For one, on Tuesday night I decided to go for a short run in the dark and in a particularly badly lit and uneven-sidewalked area of the Dirrty I bit it hardcore and scraped up both hands and elbows and knees. After an embarrassed look around to see if anyone saw my clumsiness, I picked myself up and finished the run despite my hands dripping blood and my knees feeling like they were doused in battery acid. So, while it wasn't one of my more graceful periods, I am awfully proud that I picked myself back up and kept going. I imagine running a marathon isn't going to feel very good so it is important to learn how to push the pain away and keep on keeping on.

The second pride point for me is that I made up for a lack of time on Thursday night by running twice throughout the day for a total of 5.5 miles, instead of just accepting I didn't have the time and settling for 3 mile day.

So, this week one of the ruminations that occured to, and then stuck with, me this week during my runs was that the use of the word "love" in music from the 1960s has some interesting connotations if you simply replace it with either the male or female sex organ. Now this may seem an awfully amatuerish observation to most of you, but once I made the connection between love and sex in 1960s pop music it seemed like this whole lurid world opened up to me. Here are some examples:

Led Zeppelin, "Whole Lotta Love": "I wanna give you my love/every inch of my love."
White Plains, "Baby Loves Lovin'": "My baby loves love/my baby loves lovin'/she's got what it takes/and she knows how to use it."
Ohio Express, "Yummy Yummy": "Yummy yummy yummy/I got love in my tummy."

Curious, isn't it? No wonder all those kids were so conflicted about sex and love, when all of their pop music was practically correlating the two on every track.

Anyway, I think I will do a lot better this week on the running.

Week Eight
Goal: 24 miles with a 9 mile jog.