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Friday, September 11, 2009

You Lied!

Now, I don't intend this blog to be extremely controversial or political but I feel like having a blog in modern America and not mentioning the Healthcare debate is a little like dining with a bunch of naked people and making a point to only talk about the relative scrumptiousness of the potato salad. So, rather than regale you with my highly intellectual and astute observations on the whole matter I'm choosing rather to offer you the intellectual and astute observations of people that actually get paid to observe these sorts of things.

*In this piece Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone talks about all the ways all 5 of the healthcare bills in front of Congress are complete jokes and will only screw the American people in the end. Furthermore he contends that the "debate" over the healthcare bills pretty much signals the end of American Democracy as we know it. So, all in all, a pretty upbeat piece.

*On the flipside, David Goldhill of Atlantic Monthly talks about the current Healthcare bills and the ways in which a public option won't actually solve anything. He posits a decidedly more conservative--and radical--solution than any before Congress right away with insurance altogether and let the Market sort it out.

*For those of you who are concerned I have neglected to offer a defense of the Public Option** just go to the New York Times Op/Ed page just about anyday of the week for a good defense.

**Which is, BTW, my personal solution of choice, given my understanding of all the options floating around out there.