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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tonic Water

Just in case y'all were freaked out by the Jokerish nihilism of Anonymous here’s a little tonic for your upset stomach:

from Guardian UK
The Untergunther

There is of course an ethical issue here* but it seems to me that whatever qualms one might have about private citizens trespassing on prized public lands should be outweighed by the very fact that these private citizens then went and did what the custodians of the property (the state) were incapable of doing. If these properties are for public use then the Public has the right to demand that they be taken care of, no? Any thoughts?

And, here's another interesting phenomenon:

from Denver Westword
from CNN

See? The world isn't such a bad place afterall.

*Like, for instance, whether it is ok for people to trespass and tinker with public property because they think they are doing good? What if they'd screwed the Pantheon up, ya know?