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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picks of the Week

Week Four

Well my first week of College Football picks was less than stellar; I went only 7 for 13, or 54%. This week I’ve tried to be a little more conservative to try and bring my average up.

No. 4 Mississippi at South Carolina
Maybe this game isn’t worth mentioning, but I think that maybe SC might actually play Ole Miss close in this one. If not, I think it may be time for Spurrier to hang up his visor and walk into the sunset.
Mississippi 34     South Carolina 24

No. 22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech
I think North Carolina is overrated and is ripe to lose one to someone they shouldn’t. I also think GT is ticked off about the loss to Miami last week and are going to take it out on an unsuspecting Tarheels team.
Georgia Tech 24     North Carolina 21

Indiana at No. 23 Michigan
Duh. Michigan is playing too well to drop this one. Besides, it’s in the Big House.
Michigan 35     Indiana 17

Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama
For some reason I’m getting possible upset vibes coming from this game. The big question will be whether Arkansas’ defense is really as bad as they seemed against Georgia last week or if they can put the hurtin to ‘Bama’s ragin O. If they can just possibly Ryan Mallett will be able to do his knife work in the secondary and squeak by the no. 3 team in the country. I’m going out on a limb here:
Arkansas 45     Alabama 42

No. 6 California at Oregon
Oregon will play this one close now that they have a few wins under their belt and have seemingly put the Boise St. debacle behind them. But I think Cal is the best team in the Pac 10 and will bite the Ducks at home.
California 35     Oregon 21

No. 9 Miami (FL) at No. 11 Virginia Tech
This is the game of the week and has multiple storylines surrounding it. VT is coming off it’s come from behind victory against Nebraska last week and is still trying to prove it deserves national recognition, but while VT is looking ahead to the bowl season, I think Miami is hungrier than they are. And with Jacory Harris on a possible Heisman high, I think Miami shocks Virginia Tech at home.
Miami 24     Virginia Tech 21

Illinois at No. 13 Ohio State
This will probably be a snoozer but I can’t help but feel like Illinois is a sleeping giant that could wakeup at anytime. With a solid crop of seniors on Illinois’ offense and Terrell Pryor apparently learning how to throw touchdown passes, this game could end up being a shoot-out. But, ultimately Cheaty McSweatervest always finds a way to win in the Big 10 so I’ll give it to the Ohio State.
Ohio State 42     Illinois 28

Arizona State at No. 21 Georgia
The Dawgs got this one. After a lackluster offensive performance against OK St., Cox has led the Dawgs into and out of two shoot-outs victorious. I think those have been valuable experiences and Georgia’s offense will be surprised how easy it is to score on an uneven AZ St. team.
Georgia 35     Arizona State 21

Iowa at No. 5 Penn State
This is the first true test of Paterno’s Nittany Lions, but with the game being played in Happy Valley and with a last minute loss to the Hawkeyes last year to avenge, I think Iowa is walking into a bear trap of a game.
Penn State 35     Iowa 14