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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picks of the Week

Even though this blog is supposed to be dedicated to being creative, as you can see I’ve already strayed a bit from the formula to include various political or personal topics of interest. And since I all but bleed college football in the fall I figured I would throw in a little of the ole’ pigskin flavor as well.

So, every Thursday for the rest of the season I’m going to make my predictions for who is gonna win the top biggest games of the weekend and my justification* for the picks.

Sorry I missed Weeks One and Two.

Here goes:

No. 14 Georgia Tech at No. 20 Miami (FL)
Georgia Tech is gonna have to play smarter than it did against Clemson last week in order to pull one over on Miami. Miami has worked hard to get to the position they’re in and with the game in Miami I don’t think Tech can rely on a 24-point lead going into the 2nd quarter. Still, I give this one to Georgia Tech because I don’t think Miami is quite there yet.
Georgia Tech 32      Miami 24

No. 8 California at Minnesota
As much as I’d like to root for the Big 10 in this match-up I would be insane to suggest that Minnesota has the goods to get past Jahvid Best and his Golden Bears. Cal runs away with this one.
California 45      Minnesota 17

Eastern Michigan at No. 25 Michigan
I shouldn’t even be commenting on this one because the bias factor is so high, but I think it’s fair to say that Michigan, helmed by true freshman phenom Tate Forcier, should be able to win this one by a couple of touchdowns. Watch for a possible upset though after the Notre Dame victory and the toughness Eastern showed against Northwestern last week.
Michigan 35      Eastern Michigan 17

Tennessee at No. 1 Florida
I’m sorry to all my peeps in the Volunteer state but y’all gonna get creamed. I hate Florida as much as anyone, outside of the state of Florida who doesn’t wear cut-off jean shorts, but they’re stacked this year and despite not actually playing an even semi-decent team yet, they will come with everything they have…and that will be more than enough to bury the Vols in the Swamp.
Florida 45      Tennessee 24

No. 3 USC at Washington
This probably will be a blow-out but with Washington holding tight to LSU and then winning it’s first game in about a billion years and USC coming off it’s huge win against Ohio State, look for a possible upset here. Still, I think USC is one of the best teams in the country and I don’t think they will lose here.
USC 35      Washington 14

No. 19 Nebraska at No. 13 Virginia Tech
This one is gonna be interesting. Both teams have a lot to prove: Nebraska that they are back in the hunt as a Big 12 contender, and VT that they are still in the National hunt despite the crippling loss to Alabama. Given the relatively equal merits of both teams I’m forced to simply decide based on that X-iest of factors, home field advantage.
Virginia Tech 35      Nebraska 32

No. 18 Utah at Oregon
Sorry Oregon. Just because you can beat Purdue at home by a field goal doesn’t mean you can get passed this tough-as-nails Utah squad. I think you get your jocks handed to you.
Utah 28      Oregon 10

Michigan State at Notre Dame
Probably no one outside the Midwest cares about this game, especially after MSU choked against Central Michigan last week, but this game has pretty big implications for both the Big 10 and for Notre Dame’s season. ND for their part got bit hard by the choke bug last weekend against Michigan and should be looking to exact revenge against any team with Michigan in their name. MSU just needs to win or else risk being “that team that people thought was going to be a player in the Big 10 and ended up just losing like usual”. I think Clausen is on point and the home field advantage messes with MSU’s head.
Notre Dame 35      Michigan State 21

No. 17 Cincinnati at Oregon State
Five years ago no one would have cared about this game, but what a difference a few years makes. Cinci is the front-runner in the Big East right now and Oregon St. could really use a good statement game before they head into the USC-Cal gauntlet they’ll have to face to win the Pacific Coast. I think Oregon St. is the sleeper and will bite Cincinnati where it hurts.
Oregon State 28      Cincinnati 21

Florida State at No. 7 Brigham Young
Brigham Young is on a roll and Florida State almost lost to Jacksonville State. BYU takes it by two touchdowns.
Brigham Young 35      Florida State 21

No. 23 Georgia at Arkansas
Apparently Arkansas has had this game circled since the spring, which should have ole’ Uga shaking in his collar. Winning last week against South Carolina should help Joe Cox have a little more confidence in his own scoring ability but I think Arkansas is gonna bring it hard and tough to the Dawgs. Still, I don’t want to upset my wife so I’m gonna have to say the Dawgs win this one on the road.
Georgia 38      Arkansas 35

Texas Tech at No. 2 Texas
Ah sweet revenge! Texas will be looking to make up for that last minute touchdown last year by beating the living tar out of Texas Tech at home. And I think they’ll do it. Expect a classic Big 12-style shoot out with Texas the school left standing.
Texas 52      Texas Tech 45

*Sometimes my justification will be nothing more than guessing. Other times it will be sheer bias. I’m a graduate of University of Michigan and I am a Wolverine through and through so you will never, not once, see me predict a Michigan loss. Furthermore, my wife is a Georgia Bulldog so I won’t probably be predicting any of their losses either. Sorry for my lack of journalistic integrity.


OC said...

Upset me...we all know it's a fact Georgia will win! :) Now, that Michigan prediction might be off...

Tres Crow said...

Upset you like the Bulldawgs. Ooooh! Snap!