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Friday, September 18, 2009

On the Plains of Marathon

Week Two
Goal: To run four miles per day, culminating in a long run of five miles on Saturday, 19 September, 2009

Mile Total: 25
Actual Miles Run: 20

Endnotes: This was a difficult week for reaching my Goal because of various factors, most notably the weather was crappy all week* and I simply didn't have much time to devote to four mile jogs. So I improvised and shortened my daily runs to three miles so I could fit them in everyday. I also flip-flopped the Saturday dates for my five mile run and just got it out of the way on Saturday, 12 September, 2009. What I realized by that long run is: 1.) I need to make sure my mp3 player is up-to-date because there is nothing worse than realizing half-way through a five mile jog that you now have to listen to the same batch of songs you just finished up** and 2.) I am still way too out of shape to pull off four mile jogs everyday***.

But this week of running, while physically taxing, paid enormous dividends in the thinking-crap-up category. Among the various brainstorms that passed between my ears were a short story collection project that I will be starting with my friend****, just about everything that was featured on this blog this week, as well as several other features for the coming weeks. All in all, not a bad way to spend an half hour every morning.

Hopefully this upcoming week I will be able to get up to four mile jogs at least for a few of the days. Here's to strapping them shoes on. Cheers!

Week Three
Goal: To begin the running week with another five mile jog on Saturday, 19 September, 2009 and then run 4 miles per day after that.

Mile Total: 25

*The best props I can give myself for this somewhat lackluster week was that I actually got out there and ran three miles in the rain on Wednesday. What a trooper, right? Right? Anyone?
**I realize this might seem strange to anyone who's entered the 21st century and owns an iPod but I still have this crappy no-name brand mp3 player which only allows me to store about 2 or 3 hours of music, which after a week of listening to the same songs gets really old.
***Ah ha! So there you go, this is the real reason I cut back to three miles a day this week, because I am getting older and I am still out of shape. Plus my back has been killing me from lifting what seems like a 400 pound baby all the time.
****Wait for it...this is gonna become a major feature of this blog, the progress my friend and I make in writing, editing, and self-publishing our own short story collection and novella. I suspect it will be difficult, but that is why we're doing it. Plus it will be loads of fun and a great experience for us. We will for sure keep you all updated on our progress, where you can get the book, where we will be promoting it once it comes out, etc...