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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ms. Abigail Fisher, MS, International Archaeologist to the stars picks:

The Song of the Day

"New Slang"
By: The Shins

This is an interesting choice for one with endless Euro-pop options before her, but an oldie and a goodie for sure. This little gem from The Shins’s first LP, “Oh, Inverted World”, was the song that blew the lid of The Shins’s relative anonymity when Zack Braff made Natalie Portman listen to it, proclaiming that “this song will change your life” in his 2004 film “Garden State”. Insidiously catchy and featuring the classic acerbic wit and bitterness we’ve now all come to expect from Shins’s songs, “New Slang” is a folky, quiet number that is easy to overlook upon first listen, but eventually, like that person you invite to lunch once who then assumes they can eat lunch with you everyday, you find yourself humming the tune to yourself when you’re performing some menial task, and then, days later, you have like this totally rapacious need to listen to the song over and over and over again and then eventually, horribly and yet happily, it does actually begin to change your life and you take another look at your personal relationships and realize they are vacuous and superficial and that you are truly alone in this world and the only thing that makes you feel at ease in your own skin now is to listen to more Shins music. Then, after about two months of listening to the Shins exclusively you just stop going to work or calling anyone back and you sit in your dark bedroom, writing letters to James Mercer and wishing that he would please, please, please just write you back because you have this burning desire to just get to know him, you know? Because he’s really touched you, deep down, where no one else has ever been able to touch you, and you just want him to know that…and to touch him back. And as the bedsores start to fester on your bum, you start to sort of really hate Zach Braff for putting those headphones on Natalie Portman and making her (you) listen to that first Shins song because now you can’t stop and your eyes have become so attenuated to darkness that they’ve sort of grown this filmy white film like cataracts and you’ve started to subsist exclusively on raw fish and The Shins. Your nails are long. You have a scraggly beard. And you hold your Shins CDs and whisper, “My preeeecccioussssssss!

Or maybe that was just like my experience.