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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Movie Madness

I have tried writing blogs before and keeping internet journals and the such, but I found I care so very little for telling others about my life. So, I decided I'm going to dedicate my Blog to all of the arts I consume on a daily basis. So, if you like movies, and books, and stuff then come here and check out what I think about 'em. More coming about my current fascination with Stephen King's Dark Tower series and the movie madness that has taken hold of me recently.

UPDATE: As it turns out I don't mind writing about myself at all and, after almost two years of abandoning this blog for various other pursuits (i.e. getting married, having children, writing then submarining a 100K word manuscript), I have decided to rededicate it not only to all of the various arts I daily digest, but also to myself and my quest to become a successful and beloved fiction author.*

*see blog's description on first page.